Land of Condradictions

Nepal is home to some of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes ever created,

but they often cause people to overlook the pervasive spiritual darkness and needs.

  • Children sold into sex slavery at temples

  • Annual human sacrifice rituals

  • Abortion rate double that of the US 

  • Broken families, abuse, and abandonment is the norm​​

  • Preaching and sharing the gospel is forbidden by law

  • 1.4% claim to be Christian



  • Nepal Population: 29 million

  • If Nepal was a state, it would have the 2nd largest population in the US

  • Kathmandu Valley Population: 3 million

  • Nepal is the size of the state of Iowa, but with 10x the population

  • Language: Nepali (नेपाली)

  • Located between India and China in the 10/40 Window